The Excitement of GRPBS!

I started volunteering with Grand River Public Bike Share in December of 2012.  The idea of Bike Share was not a new concept to me, as I had seen it in my “hometown” of Toronto, as well as while travelling in Dublin.

Bixi Toronto

The excitement and anticipation of what I believe Grand River Public Bike Share can bring to the Kitchener & Waterloo area is what motivated my decision to volunteer with the GRPBS group.

As a (somewhat) recent Laurier graduate, I understand how close, environmentally conscious and community oriented the KW area is.  Although many stores, restaurants and parks are within walking distance or a short bus ride away, I would have loved the option of riding my bike to certain locations!  Instead of having to wait for the GRT to get to Conestaga Mall, I could have used a Bike Share system and travelled there at my own leisure!

Another benefit of Grand River Public Bike Share that I am excited about, is the many health benefits that will be brought to the KW area!

The Benefits of Cycling

As part of the Grand River Public Bike Share team, I am responsible for Social Media Marketing and Communications.  Through my volunteering with GRPBS I have had the enjoyment of learning more about the community, becoming involved in other organizations, such as Sustainable Waterloo as well as Spin 12!


I look forward to helping bring Bike Share to Kitchener Waterloo!

Written By:  Tara Busse

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